72 Hour UniHeat Heat Pack
This 72 hour heat pack (shipping warmer) will keep your plants warm and cozy during the shipping journey. The heat pack activates slowly and provides a steady heat release for 72 hours.  If you live in a cold area under 40...
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Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 6" Length
This is the "Spagmoss Premier" grade sphagnum moss from Besgrow. The strands are a 6" average length. Commercial grade S. cristatum sustainably harvested from wetlands on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Clean, with minimal foreign material Remarkable water holding capacity...
LECA Expanded Clay Pebbles
These lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) pellets provide the ideal growing medium for your plants. The clay pebbles are extremely porous and wick up moisture, which regulates the water your plant receives, prevents overwatering, and provides ample oxygen to the roots. 
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Nursery Pot With Humidity Dome
Opening diameter at top: 2.7" Pot height: 3.5" Overall height 6.3'' Note: This is an add-on product only. It cannot be purchased on its own.
Flexible Nursery Pots
These clear nursery pots are perfect to watch your plant roots grow. The flexible plastic is reusable and durable while staying light weight. You can monitor the growth of your plants without disturbing the process! Sold in packs of 5...
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