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We usually ship Mondays or Tuesdays. This is to help ensure plants arrive before the weekend, and avoid being stuck in transit over the weekend. With that said, we cannot guarantee or control delivery time. If delivery time is a concern, please opt for upgraded shipping. If you're a shipping to a cold area, you can add a head pack here.
Although we have no control over the plants once it leaves our facility, we understand that damages may occur during shipping due to USPS negligence. Please send a photo of the plant within 24 hours upon arrival and we will try to find a solution.
The plants we carry are limited in stock. Please sign up for our email subscription to be the first to know about plants that are coming soon.
All plants do not like being shipped. If your plant looks droopy do not worry! She will plump back up in a few days. If your plant was delivered in a pot with soil, let the plant sit in a location that is not too bright. Let it adjust to its new environment for 24-48 hours before watering and place in a bright indirect location. If the plant arrived in soil “bone dry” please water immediately. If your plant was shipped bare root, place your plant in a glass of water covering the entire root system and place in a non-sunny location for 24-48 hours. Repot on the 3rd day in the desired medium.
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