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Whale Fin Sansevieria Masoniana White Variegated

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There is 1 leaf with beautiful white, cream variegation. This is more rare than the yellow variegated. Chat with us below if you have any questions. If you need a heat pack, please order one here.

Add a splash to your plant collection with this White Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant. Whether you’re a big fan of Moby Dick or you just enjoy a plant with unique foliage, the White variegated whale fin sansevieria is a fantastic choice. Like its name implies, this Congo native’s large leaves are shaped like the fins of a whale and are very stiff. This particular specimen has white variegation on the dark green leaves, which even feel leathery to the touch like the fin of a real whale might feel.

Known as a “semi-succulent,” this is a forgiving plant that doesn’t require frequent watering or care, making it great even for those whose green thumb hasn’t quite developed yet. With bright light, quick-draining soil, and proper watering, this plant will flourish, reaching a height of up to two to four feet tall.

The “drench and dry method” is best when it comes to watering this beautiful behemoth. When the soil in its pot is completely dry, water the plant until the water is running out of the bottom of the pot. After that, leave it alone until it is dry again. Also, don’t be tempted to spritz the leaves with a spray bottle, as this is unnecessary. Don’t think that just because it is a whale it needs to be swimming in water!

At A Glance:

  • Light: Bright, can also handle some direct sun for a few hours each day
  • Temperature: 65-75°F
  • Humidity: Average; 40% - 50%
  • Water: Only when soil is dry, then water abundantly
  • Pet-Friendly: No

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